What if the FBI wanted Trump gone?  What would they do to make it happen?
After Trump got rid of former FBI Director James Comey, and now is threatening to fire the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, just what would they do to protect themselves and their agency?
A new report suggests they are teaming up to get Trump out.
This is nothing more than an attempted coup by law enforcement.
The news first appeared in Big League Politics:
“Russia” special counsel Robert Mueller has formed a political team with his friend, fired FBI director James Comey, and the current FBI director Andrew McCabe to work together against President Donald Trump.
But Mueller and Comey are not the ringleaders. Surprisingly, it’s McCabe.
An inside source told Big League Politics that McCabe is “running the show,” and “he’s the key.”
“Mueller and McCabe are assembling a better political operation than Hillary had in the campaign. The trio of Mueller/McCabe and Comey are all creatures of the swamp,” the source explained.
“I think McCabe is the most politically savvy given how he navigated the controversy with his wife’s campaign donations and the Clinton investigation,” the source continued.
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