Monday, December 31, 2018

King Bob Mueller is not the Boy Scout he is portrayed as. We need to start getting the word out about who he REALLY is. Trey Vaught

Why did Bob Mueller allow CFIUS to approve a uranium deal to Russia despite his own FBI counterintel probe uncovering deep corruption between Americans and Russ...ian oligarchs?

Why did Mueller turn a blind eye to Putin's global energy dependence initiative even after Mueller's own FBI uncovered deep corruption related to it? Why did he say nothing when Bill Clinton accepted a $500K speaking fee in Moscow just after his wife's State Department signed off on a deal with Russia involving 20% of our uranium deposits, when Mueller's own FBI told him it was part of Putin's global energy plan to gain dominance over us?

Why did Mueller not resign out of protest? Is he corrupt, or grossly incompetent? Why is no one asking Mueller this question? 

Why did Mueller hire 17 hyper partisan Democrats to investigate collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign when Mueller himself hid evidence of collusion between the Russians and the Clinton State Dept?

Was Mueller the most incompetent FBI Director in modern history, or is he covering up his own dirty deeds? 

Why dud Mueller turn a blind eye to the collusion his own FBI uncovered the Uranium One deal?

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