Thursday, January 3, 2019

TRUMP: Fulfilling campaign promises....

Rush Limbaugh Told This Jaw Dropping Truth About Barack Obama’s New World Order 

Barack Obama and his allies are in panic mode.

Donald Trump set out to fulfill his campaign promise to Make America Great Again.

And Rush Limbaugh just revealed the one truth about Obama and the new world order that left everyone speechless.

On a recent broadcast, Limbaugh discussed the panic that shot through the corridors of power in Washington when President Trump announced he would withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

During the campaign, Trump pledged to put America first and end the endless nation-building wars that put the globalist agenda ahead of American interests.

Chief among them was Obama’s decision to deploy two thousand U.S. troops to Syria.

Trump’s critics whined that the President was abandoning America’s role as leader of the “liberal world order” set up after World War 2. 

But Trump – as well as many Americans – knew that these global institutions and engagements often ran counter to America’s sovereignty.
So Trump announced right before Christmas that he was ending Barack Obama’s misguided war in Syria.

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