Thursday, January 3, 2019

AS ORIGIONALLY POSTED>>>>>>THE NEWS AS IT SHOULD BE.....Everyone has an opinion as you can see by this post, (my opinion) one cares about MY opinion and I don't care much for anyone elses"opinion. SO Be like Walter Conkite and just REPORT the news and keep your OPINIONS to yourself....!


Errr… Walter Cronkite? Are we talking about the same guy? The guy who got on national TV and said the TET offensive was a defeat to the US and we lost the war, when in fact we smashed those communist bastards so hard they were just about to unconditional surrender because we killed so many of them in 2 weeks they couldn't handle it. That is, until Uncle Walter got on national tv..

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Dan said...

Cronkite did NOT just "read the news". He editorialized frequently....and he was a lib lefty. After the Test offensive in 1968....which WE WON, defeating the NVA and Viet Cong killing close to 100,000 of them Cronkite opined on the CBS evening news that the "War Was Unwinnable". Ho Chi Minh himself wrote that when he heard of that statement he KNEW the North would win because he knew that the US media was ON HIS SIDE. The North believed after the disaster the Tet Offensive was for them that they couldn't win....but Cronkite SINGLEHANDEDLY changed their belief with one statement.