Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Caravan Is About To Deliver President Trump Awful News

States earlier this year, may be back for round two in 2019.

The L.A. Times reports, “Another migrant caravan — this one estimated at 15,000 people — is preparing to leave Honduras on Jan. 15.”

“Meanwhile, thousands of Central American migrants from a caravan that left Honduras in October remain stranded at the U.S.-Mexico border and languishing in crowded Tijuana shelters while they wait out a lengthy process to file asylum requests with the United States,” the Times adds.

This second caravan is reported to be much stronger and much larger than the first one.
And with many members of the first caravan still at or near the border, its numbers may only grow in size as it nears the U.S.-Mexican border.
Some initial reports about this new caravan suggest it may take a different approach to the first one however.
Whereas the first caravan moved up through Central America before beelining to the border at Tijuana — near California — this new caravan may stick around in Mexico.
They will stay in the south of Mexico in Chiapas and Oaxaca. Their aim is to request work there,” one of the caravan organizers told the L.A. Times.
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