Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Bribery and Quid Pro Quo Oddly Missing From Dem's Articles of Impeachment    2019-12-10  Source: TTN  by: TTN Staff

The Democrats have fumbled their way through President Trump's candidacy and Presidency being aided and abetted by the liberal mainstream media.

They have faced no consequences for weaponizing the FBI against political opponents or refusing to fix the problems facing America just because they hate President Trump.

On Tuesday the Democrats committed another blunder by filing articles of impeachment that did not include any link to their initial accusations of quid pro quo or bribery. The Democrats opted instead to charge President Trump with two incredibly vague charges.

According to The Daily Wire:
House Democrats are expected to reveal two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Tuesday that will be voted on later this month, thus cementing their attempts to remove him from office.

The two articles of impeachment will focus on “abuse of power” and “obstructing Congress,” The Washington Post reported.

During Democrats’ impeachment hearings last week on the House Judiciary Committee, liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz noted that the idea that a president could be impeached for “abuse of power” was an absurd notion.

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