Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Whistleblower Revealed George Soros’s Awful Link to Impeachment

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt against Donald Trump just took this turn for the worse.

But before this report on Fox News, no one knew the depths to which the Democrats and the Deep State were colluding to bring down President Trump.

And a whistleblower revealed George Soros’s awful link to impeachment.

One of Donald Trump’s affirmative defenses against the impeachment witch hunt is the fact that Ukraine is in fact a corrupt country and the “regular channels” within the State Department covered up shady dealings with Ukraine if they involved prominent Democrats like former Vice President Joe Biden or Democrat-aligned interests.

Last March, former Ukraine prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko told investigative journalist John Solomon that former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch told him there were four investigations in Ukraine that he should not pursue.

Yovanovitch falsely claimed this never happened.

But that April, then-Ukraine embassy Charge d’Affaires George Kent – who later became one of the Democrats’ star gossips in their show trial impeachment hearings – wrote that prosecutors in Ukraine should drop any investigations into the Anti-Corruption Action Center.

“The investigation into the Anti-Corruption Action Center (sic), based on the assistance they have received from us, is similarly misplaced,” Kent claimed.

Kent’s letter came just weeks after Joe Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian President into firing his current prosecutor general or face the loss of one billion dollars in aid.

Yovanovitch and Kent were not acting on behalf of the United States’ interests in this case,

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