Monday, December 9, 2019

Rep. Al Green: We Need to Impeach Trump Because He Might Get Reelected

A Top Democrat Let One Secret Slip That Adam Schiff Knew Was Bad News

Adam Schiff is trying to railroad Donald Trump in an impeachment witch hunt.

The Democrats are willing to go to unbelievable lengths to win this battle.

But a top Democrat let one secret slip that Adam Schiff knew was bad news.

There have only been three impeachments in the course of American history.

No president has had an administration that was completely free of scandal.

Even the great Jefferson wrote to a friend saying that he needed to get Congressional approval for the Louisiana Purchase but went ahead with the deal without it.

Presidents can be impeached for “high crimes,” that means that the president is supposed to have committed a crime.

Every time that a president was impeached before, Congress actually accused the president of committing a crime.

But with President Trump they don’t have a high crime, they don’t even have a low crime.

Democratic Texas Rep. Al Green said Thursday that House Democrats could impeach President Donald Trump multiple times.

Green said in a C-SPAN interview that a “president can be impeached more than once” and that there is “no limit” to the number of times the House can vote on impeachment.

“I think that the Mueller report has some issues in it that ought to be considered. I think the obstruction of the Comey investigation has issues that should be considered, and I think the invidious discrimination that I have called to the attention of the public ought to be considered,” Green said.

Green first introduced articles of impeachment in November 2017, less than 10 months after Trump was sworn into office.

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