Tuesday, May 19, 2020

And they had the guts to accuse WHITE people of using the "thumb & forefinger circle" as a "WHITE SUPREMICIST" symbol...

This Hand Signal Is Called ‘Devil’s Horns’. And All The Democrats Use It.   on  

Does anyone really need more proof of the left’s collusion with the underworld? Well, here it is.

Study of archived photographs of Democrat politicians and well-known liberal personalities has revealed an alarming – but unsurprising – trend. Images and video were researched and subjects were often seen flashing a hand signal to audiences – a signal known by those in the world of the occult as ‘the devil’s horns’. It is, in other words, a sign of Satan.

The first known historical appearance of the sign was found in Vatican texts from the 1500’s. This was a time of chaos in Europe as plaque and war swept the continent. Many people felt that God had abandoned them and they sought solace elsewhere – often from God’s adversary, Lucifer, The Prince of Darkness.

Of course, at that time, those not of the Christian faith were routinely executed as a means of cleansing the world of evil. Satanists kept their devotion secret, afraid to reveal their black hearts to the wrong person lest they wind up being burnt at the stake.

And so a hand signal was born. By extending only one’s pinky and index fingers, one mimicked horns, like those of the devil. Those in the cult would raise their hands thusly, rather than with open palm, to indicate they were “in the league”. If those they greeted did the same, they both knew they were kindred spirits, and could get together to freely sacrifice babies and drink their blood then have an orgy.

Though church authorities eventually caught on and began years of carnage against the Satan worshippers, the hand signal persisted and is still used to this day, though no longer secretively. Today it is displayed openly, even proudly, to tell the world that they serve Satan over all others or to wave around stupidly at metal shows.

The democrats display it. They are unashamed of their evil faith.

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Anonymous said...

I was always under the impression that hand signal meant BS. That could applied to just about everything involving libtards tho...