Monday, May 18, 2020


If you want to see the hypocrisy and corruption of the Democrats clearly stated, read this‼️


Editorial by Kevin RyanIt’s seems like every day there’s another jaw dropping example of hypocrisy coming out of Washington. There have been so many recently:

• A two-year long investigation of whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to take down Democrats… based in part on info Democrats bought from Russians to take down the Trump campaign.
• Trump, the first president to send U.S. military aid to Ukraine, being impeached for withholding military aid to Ukraine by the party that refused to send military aid to Ukraine.
• And accusations that Trump held up U.S. funding to Ukraine for personal benefit… to investigate whether Joe Biden held up U.S. funding to Ukraine for personal benefit.
But the newest example of hypocrisy dwarfs all that, in my opinion.
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), head of the impeachment inquiry into whether President Trump abused his powers to dig up dirt on his political rival, just used his powers as head of the House Intelligence Committee to compel AT&T and Verizon to hand over the private call records and metadata of reporter John Solomon, the President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Republican minority leader of the Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), and others.
And Schiff then made the call records public.
Calls between a president and his lawyer, which are protected by attorney-client confidentiality. Calls by a member of congress who is also Schiff’s biggest rival on the Intelligence Committee. And calls by a member of the free press who just so happens to have been investigating Vice President Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine.
If that’s not abusing the power of your office to dig up dirt on your rivals, I don’t know what is.
Schiff says it is somehow evidence of a conspiracy that there are calls between the president and his lawyer and members of congress.
“It is, I think, deeply concerning, that at a time when the President of the United States was using the power of his office to dig up dirt on a political rival, that there may be evidence that there were members of Congress complicit in that activity,” Schiff said earlier this week, despite the fact that calls such as these are normal and nothing can be gleaned about their content from call metadata.
And recall how members of the press rightly balked when it was revealed that the government was collecting metadata on Americans? Well where is the outrage now that journalist John Solomon, one of their own, had his call records targeted and publicly released?

The Wall Street Journal is so far one of the only mainstream media outlets to point out how wrong Schiff’s actions are. Indeed, as the Journal points out, imagine how the media would react if Republicans released the call logs of journalists? Or between Bill Clinton and his attorneys.
Or between, say, Schiff and the whistleblower?

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