Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Our "leaders", especially the DEMOCRAT ones, don't seem to care about Citizens, their businesses or their jobs... They aren't hurting, so they don't care about you or me...!

Our "leaders"Pennsylvania refuses to allow US flagmaker to make new flags  MAY 18, 2020 RYAN MORGAN

A U.S. flag-making company in Pennsylvania has been shut down since March 20, when Gov. Tom Wolf declared textile manufacturers to be “nonessential businesses.” Now a new decision has allowed that manufacturer to fulfill orders to provide American flags to mark the graves of U.S. military veterans, but production is still on hold due to the state lockdown orders.

FlagZone LLC, a U.S. flag manufacturer raised concern in recent weeks that it would not be able to fulfill orders for the Memorial Day tradition of honoring veteran graves with the flag. Now, thanks to pressure from veterans groups and state lawmakers, FlagZone president Daniel Ziegler told American Military News he had since won permission to distribute roughly 400,000 flags from the company’s factory in Gilbertsville, Penn., to fulfill orders in Berks County along with other counties in the state and in other states.

Without the exemption to fill the orders, Berks County Pennsylvania would not have been allowed to plant the roughly 53,000 flags it had ordered for 233 cemeteries, as a result of Wolf’s order, local newspaper Reading Eagle reported on May 5. Berks County had been limited, given its status as a “red” zone in the state, indicating the strongest lockdown provisions under Wolf’s lockdown orders.


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