Monday, May 18, 2020

MUST WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Flips The Media's Dishonest Questions Back On Them!

So, who is Kayleigh McEnany?   By Kelly -May 18, 2020

You’ve seen the new Press Secretary at the White House. She took over from the President giving pandemic updates and is the fourth White House spokesperson, following in the footsteps of Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckerbee Sanders and Stephanie Grisham. You’ll instantly recognize her, she’s the beautiful, articulate, smart and elegant ballbreaker who regularly kicks the crap out of the whiney, leftist White House press corps.

Kayleigh McEnany was born April 18, 1988. She was educated at the Academy of the Holy Names, a Catholic preparatory school in Tampa. After leaving school, she majored in international politics at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C., during which time she studied abroad at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. She began her media career as a producer for Huckabee on Fox News and later worked as a political analyst for CNN. In 2017, she was appointed national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. In 2019, she became a spokeswoman for Trump’s re-election campaign and on April 7, 2020 was appointed as White House press secretary — a full circle, after interning with former President Bush’s press team while she was a sophomore at Georgetown University.

McEnany is married to minor league baseball player Sean Gilmartin, 29, and they have a 5-month-old daughter, Blake Gilmartin.

She held her first televised press briefing, and the first on-camera press conference by a press secretary in more than a year on April 22, 2020. In subsequent pressers she ripped the media to shreds – and won instant praise from conservatives.

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