Monday, May 18, 2020

What does Judge Emmet Sullivan have against Michael Flynn, Attorney General William Barr or is he just PLAIN anti-Trump...?

WSJ Columnist Notes the Obvious Reason Why the Left Goes Ballistic Over Anything AG Barr Does    Matt Vespa @mvespa1 Posted: May 15, 2020

Attorney General William Barr has been kicked in the teeth many times since he took over the Justice Department. He’s done an excellent job. For liberals, he’s a nightmare. He’s a political puppet. He’s a traitor. He’s usurping the rule of law. And all of these allegations are lobbed because Barr is exposing the bad behavior of Obama’s Department of Justice that was engulfed in Russian collusion delusion. Barr is currently investigating the investigators in how this Trump-Russia collusion clown show ever got started in the first place. This circus act, which has been completely debunked, was started thanks to a biased piece of political opposition research collected by a former British spy. It was an effort funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrats. We know this piece of fiction as the Trump dossier, which the FBI was cited as credible evidence to spy on the Trump campaign. It launched the counterintelligence probe that eventually ensnared ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in a perjury entrapment plot. Alas, the final chapter of this sad tale.

Flynn pleaded guilty to politically motivated “lying to the FBI” charges after the government threatened him and his family with total financial destruction. Now, with new documents exposing Flynn as a victim of a DOJ/FBI run amok, the Justice Department under Barr has filed to drop the charges. There is no case. The prosecutor is gone, having resigned as the motion outlining the history of the Obama DOJ’s malfeasance, overreach, and corruption in the effort to scalp Flynn was exposed. And yet, Flynn remains in a legal nightmare, with Judge Emmet Sullivan appointing a retired jurist, John Gleeson, to fight the motion to dismiss, which no party, in this case, has opposed, and possibly look for a way to file perjury charges against Flynn over his guilty plea. It’s a clown show. Oh, and now every anti-Trump lawyer nutjob under the sun can file an amicus brief. He’s allowed that.

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