Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CNN isn't the only one, it seems ALL the media gets their cookies off by beating up on Trump.

You Won’t Believe What Happened When CNN Ran This Anti-Trump Story 

CNN has cranked up their anti-Trump spin machine.
The same so-called “mainstream” media outlet – which Trump has already pegged as a fake news network – is churning out negative story after negative story in their desperate attempt to destroy his Presidency.
CNN thought they had one of Trump’s nominees caught in a major scandal, but a closer examination of the evidence revealed some big holes in their story.
Donald Trump nominated former Georgia Congressman Tom Price to run the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
In this role, Price would be one of the point men on repealing Obamacare.
This made him public enemy #1 with the left.
So CNN obliged the Democrats by running negative stories to try and force Price to drop out.
Their hit piece centered on essentially accusing Price of trading insider information and accepting a bribe from a company who would benefit from a piece of legislation Price would introduce to stop Obamacare’s harmful impacts.
There is only one problem.
The story is just more of CNN’s fake news.

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