Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump to Hang Old Hickory in Oval Office Amid Comparisons
President Donald Trump has compared his populist movement to that of the nation's seventh president, Andrew Jackson – and even told The New York Times he plans to hang a portrait of Old Hickory in the Oval Office.
"'There hasn't been anything like this since Andrew Jackson,'" Trump said, quoting his admirers, per the Times. "Andrew Jackson? What year was Andrew Jackson? That was a long time ago."
Trump and Jackson share something else as well, The Daily Signal reported: a vow to drain the swamp of Washington's political class.
Jackson did it by arguing for term limits.
But the issue "will become increasingly prominent as term limits and other proposals are made to contain the power of the new permanent political class both in Congress and in the bureaucracy," The Daily Signal reported, noting Sen. Ted Cruz's and Rep. Ron DeSantis' backing of an amendment to impose congressional term limits.

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