Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Reagan on Trump: 'Busiest President You Have Ever Seen'
President Donald Trump has not stopped to let "grass grow underneath his feet" since he took office last Friday and that will be a theme of his time in the White House, political commentator Michael Reagan told Newsmax TV on Monday.
Trump will not be taking much time off from work over the next four years, Reagan told "Newsmax Prime" host JD Hayworth.
"Now he's been sworn in, and he's not letting grass grow underneath his feet," Reagan said. "He was busy Saturday, he was busy Sunday, and of course now Monday, the first day of the work week, he's doing what? Meeting with leadership and Congress, meeting with unions, and signing executive orders in order to put people back to work in this country."
Later in the interview, Reagan said Congress might as well set aside some office space for Trump on both sides of the Capitol because he will be spending a lot of time there.
"They're probably going to build an office for him in the House and on the Senate side, because he's going to be spending a lot of time with the House and the Senate," Reagan said. "He's going to be the busiest president you have ever seen in your lifetime.
"He's going to bring businessmen and business leaders to the Oval Office, and he's going to spend his time when he's not in that Oval Office down on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue because he'll be negotiating with the House and the Senate to get done what he just promised to business leaders and the unions."

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