Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump puts new life into Keystone XL pipeline
Response Action Network
After years of Obama administration dithering, obstruction, and denial, Donald Trump has cleared a barrier that could lead to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline: President Trump moved assertively on Tuesday to resurrect a pipeline in the Dakotas that had become a major flashpoint for Native Americans, while reviving  the Keystone XL pipeline, which had stirred years of debate over the balance between energy needs and environmental concerns.
The actions were the latest to dismantle Obama era policies. The former president rejected the proposed 1,179-mile Keystone pipeline in 2015, arguing that it would undercut American leadership in curbing reliance on carbon energy to address a warming climate.
Mr. Trump signed a document clearing the way for the government to reconsider the pipeline as well as another expediting the Dakota Access pipeline from North and South Dakota to Illinois.
This is good for the economy, good for energy production, and it draws us closer to our largest trading partner (and neighbor), Canada.

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