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ONE GIRL SHOOTING the S&W 500 MAGNUM for the FIRST TIME!! Girls shooting the MAGNUM!

Published on Sep 21, 2013
Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum!! So you think I can handle it? Haha...always a good day at the range:) 'Nuff said!

Let’s face it, loud, explosive things are fun, right? Maybe that is just part of the American DNA, but it certainly explains our fascination with fireworks, action movies, and of course, guns. Sometimes it seems like no other country on Earth has such a romantic affair with firearms.
Well, we just found an awesome YouTube video of a woman shooting the absolute largest handgun manufactured: the Smith and Wesson XVR 460. This gun is so big, it makes “Dirty Harry” look like a sad joke. And you are not going to believe what happens when she actually shoots this thing. You are going to love this video.

This particular gun, the Smith and Wesson XVR 460, is considered to be the top predator of handguns. It is the largest and most powerful handgun produced anywhere in the world. This gun’s muzzle velocity is an astounding twenty three hundred feet per second.
Cosmetically, it looks somewhat like the .44 Magnum, as seen in the classic “Dirty Harry” movies, except that it is much, much larger. Also, while the .44 has six bullets, the XVR 460 shoots only five. Also, the bullets are much bigger as well. Not really. It actually uses .45 caliber rounds.
But seriously, with a gun like this, isn’t one enough? Just shooting the thing takes quite a bit of stamina and fortitude. As you can see in the video, the pressure wave that is released when the gun fires blows her hair back and the recoil almost knocks her back.
Almost. But as you can see, the shooter in this video has pretty good form and handling skills.
Of course, a precision weapon like this does not come cheap. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is over thirteen hundred dollars, but this is a gun for the serious sportsman or sportswoman.

Whatever your thoughts are on guns, one thing going to a range and shooting one will instantly demonstrate is how cool they are. Yes, they have a dark purpose and can be terribly destructive in the wrong hands. But for sport shooters and responsible citizens alike, guns are almost a way of life.
Beyond the highly controversial National Rifle Association, there are a number of sport shooting organizations in the United States that help develop handgun and rifle training, and competitive events for those who enjoy making a lot of noise. The National Skeet Shooting Association, United States Practical Shooting Association, The National Shooting Sports Foundation, and the International Defensive Pistol Association all provide courses, competitions, certifications, and more.
While guns and shooting are often associated with the violence that we see on the news each night, it is important to remember that our country has a long and healthy tradition of private gun ownership and that there are many people across all demographic divisions who enjoy shooting, from Annie Oakley to Hunter S. Thompson, and probably your next door neighbor. And while gun manufacturers target men in their ads, women make up an extremely large segment of the market.

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