Monday, June 2, 2014


Killer Elliot Roger was crazy. Even a little weasel like that kid could find a female nutjob like himself to bump uglies with, especially in Kalifornina. His manifesto was an excuse, he wanted to kill, and used that pathetic story to justify it. Crazy is crazy.
    Some members of every human group respond in aberrant ways to the menu of incentives. Freeloaders, for example, have been a problem for human settlements since human settlement. Religion is thought to have evolved in response to this fact. Unpredictably violent people have been a feature of human existence since before modern man. Fratricide is not in the Bible for nothin’.
    All of the evidence is pointing toward a biological source of crime. Certainly, crimes of opportunity like drugs are a separate class, but violent crime is most likely biological. Habitual theft of various types is most likely biological as well. Recidivism rates amongst career thieves and child molesters are so high that it is impossible not to conclude biology is the source. Some people are just born bad.
    The question is what do we do with this unfixable and defective batch of humans? Locking them up is a good start, but letting them out is madness. Throwing the biologically violent in with petty thieves is cruel and senseless. Whatever chance for redemption the thief had going into jail is gone once he bunks up with a rapist or murderer. It seems to me that a sane and decent society looks for alternatives to warehousing the non-salvageable human defects.          keep reading

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