Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Brad Thor to Eric Holder: “YOU Are The Racist!”

Brad Thor has a reputation for being one of the most conservative best-selling thriller writers publishing today. The uncounted hours of research behind each of his novels show in his realistic plotting and attention to detail.Thor also allows that research to inform his political thought and commentary, putting him among the most well-informed, articulate conservative analysts.

With a new book coming out, Thor was invited to The Blaze for an opportunity to promote it. Instead, the author took the opportunity to address what he sees as the “attempt to chill free speech” in which President Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, engage every time they accuse a detractor of racism.
   From The Blaze ..........Mr. Holder, the one true racist in this dialogue is you,” Thor remarked. “You see everything through the prism of race. You are the racist. You are using racism to cover up the inadequacy of the performance of the president of the United States, and the absolute dereliction of duty in your office. You, sir, are the racist.”

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