Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hey, Black people in the U S A. How's obama doing for you ? listen to people in his city of Chicago

 Amidst the violence striking Chicago recently, black residents are voicing their opinions about Obama’s lack of compassion towards Chicago
“Barack will go down as the worst president ever elected,” one man told Rebel Pundit. “Bill Clinton was the African-American President.”
Another resident compared the current state of black American life to that during slavery, saying, “Today, if you look at the time that we were brought here as slaves 400 years ago, we got the same results today.”
Another said that “We look like we live in Beirut somewhere, ambulance, fire department, and police running up and down the street, all inside our community.”
All these residents are asking, where is the president? We’re sorry, Chicago; he must be getting in a quick 18 holes somewhere..........thanx to A.W.D.

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