Thursday, October 30, 2014

DUI Suspects Subjected to Forced Blood Draw - On "Suspicion" of Drunk Driving

I cannot believe this is legal anywhere in the U S.  When or how did the police gestapo, get this much power ? Think about it... our rights are not being "taken" away, they are already gone. Each city or community has its own ARMY. We should ha realized this and stopped it when police started getting equipment meant for the army, tanks, armored vehicles, machine guns, body armor, drones etc. etc.. Not too many citizens have anything big enough to fight against that firepower. Many people said this was coming, not many said it was already here.....WE'RE SCREWED !!
‘No-Refusal’ DUI Checkpoints Making The Job Much Easier For Police     By , October 25, 2014

Around the country, law enforcement are discovering that if they can have a judge sign away your Constitutional rights, they can do just about anything they want to you.
It’s a convenient and easy way to seize your property, search your home and even take your bodily fluids.
Like recently in Clark County, Ohio. Police announced they were staging a “no-refusal” DUI checkpoint, where drivers can be restrained and have their blood forcibly removed.
If you refuse to take their sobriety tests, tough shit. They’ve got a judge and a nurse right there at the checkpoint. The police will ask for a search warrant, the judge will give them one and you will be made to – by force if you are not compliant – to give blood. You will submit. You will not refuse.
For some police departments, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re resisting or compliant. You will be strapped down and held in a headlock while they take your blood. As you watch this video, keep in mind: It’s a misdemeanor that these people are being strapped to a gurney and restrained for. A misdemeanor.

Of course, police say, there are ways of avoiding being manhandled like this. Simply submit, they say. Or when you see the sign for a DUI checkpoint. Just turn around. That’s what Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Aller said. Will there be a police officer waiting to follow anybody who turns around? Will they look for any reason at all to pull you over anyway? Of course! Because this is America.
And in America, your rights aren’t “unalienable” anymore. They were given to you by a benevolent state and they can be taken away from you on a whim or the stroke of a pen.

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