Friday, October 31, 2014

So this girl goes to Africa to help fight ebola, then comes back to the U S and DOESN'T SEEM TO CARE ABOUT HER FELLOW AMERICANS

Nurse in Ebola Quarantine to Sue for Freedom; Feds Push Back on State Rules   Oct 26, 2014, By               

 Did she only go to Africa for the GLORY ??

The lawyer for a nurse in a 21-day mandatory quarantine in a New Jersey hospital after she returned from treating Ebola patients in Africa said Sunday he is planning to file a federal suit to get her released.
Kaci Hickox said she feels that her "basic human rights are being violated," kept in a isolation tent at Universisty Hospital in Newark, despite showing no symptoms of the Ebola virus.
"Medically speaking there's no reason for the state of New Jersey to keep her quarantined," her lawyer Norman Siegel said outside the hospital. "She very simply wants to be released. We will advocate for the state of New Jersey and the governor to release her as soon as possible."
He said he is planning to file a federal suit to challenging her confinement if he cannot get her released, he told ABC News.
"There's some indication that we might get her released relatively soon," Siegel said, but he would not elaborate.

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