Monday, October 27, 2014

TRUE OR FALSE ? You Decide

VIDEO: Obama Spent Years Trying To Hide This, But This FBI Map Just Exposed His Plans To All

fbi map

Some citizens have probably suspected that there are training camps for terrorists across the country. The truth is that there are over a dozen camps in the country, and a map by the FBI looks to confirm this information. Reports reveal that there could be as many as 22 camps. This is information that the President didn’t want anyone else to discover, but his secret is now out. Why hasn’t the country been told about this activity? There are even training videos that have been released about the actions that have taken place at the training camps. However, the FBI doesn’t seem to know what to do about any of the activities. Homeland Security has evidently known about some of these camps for quite some time, but they haven’t done anything. The government hasn’t even said anything to the public until now, and the only reason is because of the map that has been released.

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