Monday, October 27, 2014

Nebraska High School Stands Up For Gun Rights With Awesome Year Book Pictures   October 27, 2014
gun high school pic
Guns were never officially banned from yearbook photos by the district, but in the past they were generally not allowed. The school board voted unanimously to allow students to pose with rifles that are used for the purpose of hunting.
Superintendent Mark Sievering explained that the small rural community of Broken Bow is a very popular spot for hunting and other shooting sports. There is even an annual hunt held there, known as the One Box Pheasant Hunt, that is attended by people from all over the United States.
The town of Broken Bow is small, with roughly 3,500 residents living there. On average, between 60 and 70 seniors graduate each year from Broken Bow High School. The new policy allows students to pose with any prop of their choosing, including rifles, as long as the photo is “tasteful and appropriate” and the student abides by the school’s dress code.

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