Thursday, October 30, 2014

Radical Ferguson Islamist Umar Lee Vows Jihad Against Police, Beheadings

The Gateway Pundit reports:
Muslim Umar Lee was arrested in Ferguson Missouri in September.
Umar Lee once threatened to
behead his critics and watch them squeal “like Daniel Pearl.”   Lee was cuffed and detained in September in Ferguson.
But that didn’t stop Umar Lee.
On Saturday Lee wrote about an upcoming “major act of activism” in Ferguson.On Tuesday Lee promised jihad against the Ferguson police

Umar Lee (@STLAbuBadu): is our struggle against police and economic repression is righteous. Will contemplate the martyrdom of
Umar Lee (@STLAbuBadu): I’m ready for jihad. Ferguson is jihad. It’s a righteous struggle for liberation 
Legal Insurrection reports:          As much tension as there is, an underreported story is the active role of “pro-Palestinian” activists who have exploited the Ferguson riots and tension this summer and fall to push their anti-Israel agenda. That anti-Israeli agenda, which involves encouraging confrontation with police in solidarity with Palestinians, is helping provide the accelerant to an already volatile situation.
It started with a propaganda campaign over the summer when Brown was shot. On Twitter and elsewhere, anti-Israel activists started tweeting messages of “support” for protesters in Ferguson, including advice on how to deal with tear gas.

It also has involved a propaganda campaign to blame Israel for the killing of Brown because a former St.Louis County police chief three years ago attended a one-week anti-terrorism program in Israel. Presumably some Ferguson officers also have attended various training sessions routinely given in the U.S. and elsewhere to police departments, but the one-week training in Israel by someone who wasn’t even on the job when Brown was shot was enough for the usual suspects to try to blame Israel for everything that happens in Ferguson.

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