Monday, December 22, 2014

A gun is a tool. Just like the AX that was used to attack NYC policemen last month by a deranged Muslim

“Guns scare me” said no one ever who wasn’t a leftist moron. This anti-gun video from Rejina Sencic proves the utter stupidity of those who oppose the Second Amendment.
For anti-gunners, this video is a new low! Her video itself proves that liberal “Gun Free Zones” don’t exist if someone carries a gun into one of them.
The kid in the video goes into his mothers room and removes her handgun without her knowledge. He then, breaking the law, carries the gun to “gun free zone” school. This itself is a felony offense. Is she advocating that children break the law? He then points the gun at his teacher before laying it on her desk and says “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.” 

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 Why doesn’t he feel safe with a gun in his house? Has the gun ever crept up in the middle of the night and shot him or anyone else? Of course not! It was hidden in his mother’s drawer in case she needed it to protect her little leftist, brain-washed, now-felon brat from criminals.

And now what happens when the mom needs the gun to protect her family when her door is kicked in at 2 a.m by criminals seeking to rob, rape, and kill? The video says “Our Children Deserve A Safe World.” Isn’t that nice? Yes, they do. And guns are what protect the innocent from criminals.
Didn’t we see in “gun free” New York City this past weekend that New York City is not gun free when criminals use guns to kill policemen? Criminals are called criminals for a reason. It’s because they don’t keep the laws, gun laws included. Gun laws only affect those who keep the law.
With the plague of home invasions and shootings in “gun free zone” schools, haven’t liberals learned guns are not the problem? Criminals are the problem. And the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!
Anti-gun libtards are willing to sacrifice the lives of the innocent because of their ridiculous hatred of guns and our Second Amendment rights. Ask any of the parents of the dead in any of the school shootings over the years if they would have preferred that responsible, well-trained teachers, coaches, and principals had the means to protect their now-dead children? If they say they prefer that responsible, well-trained school personnel had not been armed, they are either lying or stupid. But, as AWD has said for years, liberals depend on stupid.
AWD’s children were taught at an early age how to respect and responsibly use firearms. At an early age, we started with BB gun rifles as they learned gun safety, when and where to point the gun, ensuring no one was down range, what was behind where we were shooting, etc. They later learned how to operate firearms safely and responsibly. They never played with guns because they knew the damage guns could cause. Plus, they knew they could go shooting with their old man any time they wanted.
My now married, chemical engineer daughter calls me every month or two and says it’s time we go shooting. She has built a nice arsenal for home protection and has her concealed carry license. AWD has a son in college who has a nice collection of handguns, rifles, and a sweet AR-15. The day after my youngest turned 21 saw him buying a Glock 23 with a bad-ass Surefire flashlight and laser system. Do I worry that my children will misuse their firearms? Not at all! They are law-abiding. Plus, they have been trained their entire lives how to respect and responsibly use guns.
A gun is a tool. Just like the ax that was used to attack NYC policemen last month by a deranged Muslim (redundancy alert) or the gun that was used by to assassinate two policemen yesterday at the hands of a deranged Muslim (redundancy alert) in Brooklyn. A gun can be used for good or bad, depending on the person wielding it. AWD decided long ago that I would never be in a position where I had to beg for my life in front of a gun-carrying criminal. So I carry everywhere I can legally carry. And I avoid places where I cannot.
The maker of this video, Rejina Sencic, is a fool. And a dangerous fool. She encourages young children to break the law. More than that, she pollutes the minds of young people who have not yet realized that criminals are the problem. She ignores the fact that criminals, not the tools they choose to commit crimes, cause violent crime.
AWD writes this post with his Glock purring idly at my side. As I have done for years. And guess what, libtards? My Glock has never shot anyone! I crap you negative! In fact, I’ve never seen it move a millimeter unless AWD’s hand was upon it! But AWD is not a criminal. I’ve never been arrested. I have my carry permit having gone through the state mandated class and shooting tests. I will not shoot anyone unless it is defense of myself, my children, or innocents facing death at the hands of a criminal.
Guns are not the problem, libtards. Criminals are the problem. And nearly 100% of the time, criminals share the exact political ideology as you! Because criminals, like liberals, are stupid idiots. And they both endanger us all!
One last thing, libtards. You will NEVER, EVER disarm the law abiding people in America! The Founders gave us the Second Amendment for a reason. It wasn’t for hunting nor skeet shooting. It was to protect ourselves from the tyranny of leftists. But you’re all too stupid to understand this. After all, you’re libtards.
Scared of guns, libtards? Well, we’re not scared of you but we do recognize the danger you present to America and our freedoms!
MOLON LABE, you stupid libtards!

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