Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Crowd Erupts When Sarah Palin Explains How She Would Handle Terrorism

 During a boisterous speech at the National Rifle Association’s Stand and Fight Rally on April 26th in Indianapolis, former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin made comments about terrorism that sent waves through right and left-wing political circles. Never known for shying away from fervent political statements, the former vice-presidential candidate earned lots of cheers among the Lucas Oil Stadium crowd throughout her 12-minute speech. As a long-time supporter of the NRA, her stances regarding terrorists and gun-free zones were familiar to the audience. It wasn’t until she commented on a Bush-era counter-terrorism program, however, that she really caused the crowd to erupt with applause.
Palin’s comments about water boarding started with her clearly stated opposition to the left-wing’s approach to dealing with enemies. Palin claimed that the Obama administration’s foreign policies, “poke our allies in the eye and coddle adversaries.” She went on to describe these adversaries as, “enemies who would utterly annihilate America…who have information on plots.” Palin then made it very clear that she favored a controversial Bush-era policy known at the time as enhanced interrogation. “If I were in charge,” she said with a pause for applause, “they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists.” The comment provided the biggest applause break of her speech. She finished her address with many more criticisms directed at the Obama administration.

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