Saturday, December 27, 2014

remember clowns in a midget car or college kids in a phone booth ??

I don't know how I would feel if any students were mine, but reading it I laughed, it's funny, At least she didn't have SEX with any of the students   Oklahoma teacher fired after stuffing 11 teen students into Honda Accord   December 23, 2014

Heather Cagle was fired after she reportedly drove 11 students in her Honda Accord to go candy shopping.
An Oklahoma math teacher defied physics when she somehow managed to stuff 11 teenagers in her Honda Accord for a midday candy run.
But the feat cost Heather Cagle, the veteran teacher, her job.
The report said she placed two in the front seat, seven in the back and two girls in the trunk. The group traveled about a mile to Walmart where they bought items and returned to the school.
The superintendent said in a statement that student safety is a priority and agreed with the board’s 4-1 decision Wednesday to terminate the math and yearbook instructor. The report points out that teachers must get parents' permission before leaving school property with a student.
The attorney for Cagle, who had dozens of supporters at the hearing, called the decision to fire the teacher "cowardly" and said his client is an "exceptional teacher" who will land on her feet.

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