Sunday, December 21, 2014

NY Mayor de Blasio Claims City Open for All Illegals, But Builds Fence Around His Own Home

In a fine display of liberal hypocrisy, last week New York City’s extremist, left-wing Mayor Bill de Blasio took some criticism for building a high security fence around Gracie Mansion after calling it a “privacy fence.”
    Yet this is the same mayor who declared his city a “sanctuary city” and said it was open for all illegals to just waltz right into unmolested. I guess de Blasio feels that everyone else’s property should be fair game for illegals to invade… but not his! In any case, the new fence was erected right behind the 5-foot-tall brick wall/fence that already existed around the mayoral mansion, but de Blasio wanted another four feet added, you know, for “privacy.” At the time, local police scoffed at the mayor’s idiotic claims. “So much for being mayor of the people. That brick fence was good enough for Rudy Giuliani and his family, and for Ed Koch and all the mayors before him,” one cop said. But this isn’t the only change that de Blasio, the so-called “man of the people,” has made at Gracie. He also immediately put an end to the public tours that have been common place for Mayors going back decades. In another amusing move, when this man who has called himself a communist in years past moved into Gracie Mansion, he decided to rent out his family-owned brownstone in Brooklyn for a cool $4,975 a month! So, that means while the taxpayers are footing the bill for his living expenses, this capitalism-hating, left-winger is making nearly $60,000 a year in rent! He is making more in rent than most of his constituents earn in a year! Not too much hypocrisy going on there, eh?

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