Monday, December 22, 2014

Look at these "BRAVE" protestors. If they really beleived in their "cause" they wouldn't hide their faces !!

BREAKING: Black Gang Issues Order… Murder All White Cops    December  2014

In the wake of several highly publicized media accounts of the shooting deaths of blacks by white police officers, a violent street gang has decided that the time has come for them to take justice into their own hands — by murdering white cops.
The Cuyhoga County Sheriff’s Office in northern Ohio said area street gang Heartless Felons has instructed its members to kill white police officers in retaliation for the deaths of blacks like Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

 Good job America!!!


Sheriff’s office spokesman John O’Brien refused to release details regarding how the sheriff’s office learned of the instructions, fearing that the gang could benefit from the information.
Law enforcement officers in Bedford and Maple Heights also confirmed that they had heard unsubstantiated rumors along the same lines.
“This is a time period of turbulence and unrest that we have not experienced in a long time,” a notice from the Solon Police Department to its officers read. “Be extra careful to watch your backs, on duty and off.”READ MORE

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