Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hundreds crowd Mayfair street for pro-police rally   No one arrested, no fights, no looting, no burning, just a huge show of support FOR Philadelphia Police   ............ THE DIFFERENCE....."WHITE PEOPLE"

Stacey Birney, whose dad was a police officer, of Northeast Philadelphia holds a sign at a pro-PPD rally at the corner of Frankford and Cottman avenues on Friday, December 19, 2014. Sunday, December 21, 2014              

STACEY BIRNEY braved the cold last night to wave a handmade sign on a busy Mayfair corner.
"Proud daughter of a Philly cop" was scrawled across her poster board. And she meant it.
"I want people to start respecting police again," said Birney, of Pennypack. "People who criticize them don't see the bad parts."
Like early mornings and late nights spent worrying about her dad as he patrolled the streets. Or Christmases spent without him as he pulled a full shift.

It was hard, sure, but she was always proud of her father. And that pride is what brought her to the intersection of Frankford and Cottman avenues for the "Mayfair Rally to Support Our Police."
Hundreds gathered at the corner, waving homemade signs and commiserating about the positive experiences they've had with Philadelphia police officers.
The atmosphere was relaxed and casual despite the number of people, more like a street fair than a more

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