Tuesday, June 23, 2015

At the beginning of the video, a black woman says "I just think it's a flag....."more important things to worry about than a flag""

And who keeps pushing for this BAN of the Confederate Flag?...THE MASS MEDIA
Ban Backlash: Confederate Flag Backers Ready to Rebel  Jun 23 2015, 
As proposals to ban the Confederate flag gain momentum across the South in the wake of the Charleston church massacre, a civil-rights group is warning that white supremacists will try to exploit any backlash as a recruitment tool.
Officials at the Southern Poverty Law Center say fringe groups are framing the removal of the flag as "cultural genocide."
"There's no question that organized white supremacy right now is using the battle flag as a rallying cry for their views," said Heidi Beirich, Intelligence Project director for the center.
Neo-Confederate and white-pride groups say the flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and a memorial to Civil War dead — not a symbol of the racist views of Dylann Roof, the white gunman who killed nine black church members last week.
Loud calls to take down the flag from the South Carolina capital and from other government-sponsored locations has opponents planning rallies and mulling boycotts.

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