Monday, June 22, 2015

Obama Blames His Failed Presidency On Congress And The American People

The good news is Obama has finally admitted his presidency has been an unmitigated failure. Remember all that “hope and change” he promised? Well, the President is ready to concede that he didn’t deliver. He however predictably can’t own up to his shortcomings and blames it all on Congress and the American people because that just how narcissists roll.
During his bi-monthly fundraising trip to California, Obama made the stunning admission at Tyler Perry’s house in front of a who’s who of liberal Hollywood elitists. From the AP:
President Barack Obama unleashed a torrent of frustration Thursday night over Washington gridlock and acknowledged he has not been able to bring the hope and change to America’s political system that he campaigned on.
Obama decried inaction over gun control, poverty, stagnant incomes, criminal justice reform and equal opportunity.
I’m curious, when he ran in 2008 and again in 2012 why didn’t he tell everyone that he was incapable of delivering hope and change and that it was up to us? I will give him some credit for at least realizing he’s been a failure.

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