Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We need people for the people. We need to stop allowing these people to live off our hard work

I for one know the history and I'm from the North. The red, white and blue stand for the same as our US flag. Red= valor, blue= justice and white for purity. The stars are the 13 original colonies. Not far from ours today. The difference lies in the interpretation. First it was never a state flag. It was designed as a battle flag for the southern states. The X is the main difference. It represents... the south wanting out of the Union after the northern aggression to push their laws on the south. It was the succession movement which is what lead to the civil war. It never        had or represented race or racism, slavery or even white supremacy that some believe it did  . Simply their wanting to leave the union... Please do your own research. People need to actually read a history book! Something that teachers do not teach and that Democraps and repubipukes continue to destroy historic documents so they can pass their agendas.  

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