Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not a fan, but saw this segment and thought strange that "politically biased" NBC would show this video of 3 BLACK murderers

Racially Obsessed Liberals Force Chuck Todd To Apologize For Airing Anti-Gun Video Featuring Only Black Men
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V. Saxena
V. Saxena is a proud conservative who originally started out as a radical Ed-Schultz-loving Leftist loon. Listening to the Sean Hannity show helped reform the lad into a much more principled and sane human being.

On Sunday’s edition of “Meet The Press,” host Chuck Todd presented viewers with a video interview of “convicted gun murderers in Sing Sing Correctional Facility.” The segment was designed to address “the important issue of gun violence in the wake of the Charleston massacre.”
It just so happened that the segment featured only black inmates, all of whom by the way volunteered to be in it.
Most of us sane folks saw nothing wrong with the segment, save for the fact that it contained an extremely anti-gun narrative. But not liberals. Nope. Their racially obsessed selves threw fits galore because the guys in the video were all black.
Esquire called Todd a “gobshite,” Salon said his show is an “entrenched bastion of whiteness” and Crooks and Liars wrote that the segment was “re-packaged corporate reinforcement of white supremacy.”
Because of all this absurd backlash, Todd was forced to apologize, and according to Mediate contributor Alex Griswold, that’s bullshit!
“Meet the Press is an outlet of NBC News, which exists to report on news and to give its viewers a straight reading of the facts,” he wrote. “It’s not their purpose to put forward an agenda or skew its coverage because it makes some readers uncomfortable. Maybe viewers who want their news filtered to fit their own worldview can change over to NBC’s sister network MSNBC to watch Up w/ Steve Kornacki.”
Exactly …
Alas, liberals have officially reached the point where they now want to mold the news to fit “their preconceived notions.”
I have only this to say to them: You can intimidate Chuck Todd all you want, but I for one will never modify the news to fit your pathetic ideology — nor will I ever apologize for choosing to be upfront and honest.

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