Monday, June 22, 2015

Every time our government makes moves like this it’s a sign of weakness. We’re bowing to Islamic belief while refusing to honor our own sovereignty.

Muslims Offended by July 4th So This U.S. Embassy Did the Unthinkable to Appease Them
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The United States must be moving into some kind of twilight reality.
In 2015, it’s almost impossible to speak out against the horrors of Islam without being labeled an “Islamaphobe.”
If you dare defame a religion built on the abuse of non-muslims, women, Jews, and  apostates it means you’re some kind of bigot who doesn’t care about other people.
The issue has recently come to the front lines of conversation after Pam Geller hosted a “Draw Mohammed” event in Texas that drew the ire of two ISIS backed radicals and inspired them to attack.
Liberals responded to the event and said Americans shouldn’t have the right to say anything against Islam as it might cause more violence.
And the government has also enacted policies to ensure Muslims don’t feel offended.

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