Monday, June 22, 2015

Muslims say "death to America", obama is just doing his part as a soldier of Islam

What Obama Just Did for Bin-Laden’s Bodyguards Will Leave You Speechless

220px-Osama_bin_Laden  The President is showing his obvious contempt for the United States as well as justice in a newly publicized plan of action.
You might remember last year Obama traded 5 top-level Taliban officials for a lowly traitor by the name of Bowe Bergdahl.
Well, now Obama’s gone and one-upped last year’s trade, and in the process spit on the graves of brave men and women in uniform who fought valiantly to capture one of America’s most ardent enemies.
In an effort to clean out Guantanamo bay, Obama has released two of Bin-Laden’s bodyguards.
Obama released six Yemeni captives in total, and three of them had served to protect the man who sat atop the FBI’s most wanted list for more than a decade.
All six of the captives released were known to be “high-risk” and Obama sent them along their merry way.
How in the world is the man not being tried for treason after he releases known enemies of the state?  

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