Saturday, October 31, 2015

How is this allowed ? Anyone remember in Philadelphia, Stephen Girard willed a school for"poor, white, male" orphans" It didn't take long for HIS WILL to be broken and now services girls and boys of ANY RACE. But of course, that was left to WHITE people

borrowed from Diogenes' Middle Finger
More Hollywood Moonbat Racial Promotion

Leftist One Percenter George Lucas
George Lucas Donates $10M to 
USC Film School -
But Only for Blacks 
and Hispanics
ABC-The USC announced Tuesday that the George Lucas Family 
Foundation is donating $10 million to its film school to provide 
financial support to blackand Hispanic students. The money will be 
used to establish the George Lucas Foundation Endowed Student 
Support Fund for Diversity
In a statement, the "Star Wars" director said Hispanic and African
-American story tellers are underrepresented in the
entertainment industry.
   Students will receive the first awards next fall. The endowment is the largest 
single donation for student support in school history. Lucas, a USC graduate, 
donated some $175 million to the school in 2006, including millions to rebuild 
its film school.
   This is good to see since the film industry has been dominated so by all those 
films made Asians and Native Americans these days. Guess George is just as 
myopic as the rest of the Hollywood left and see only downtrodden black and 
brown..... or maybe George's White Guilt is been put on display for the Academy?

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