Monday, October 26, 2015

Tapper to PLO Official: If I Charge A Cop With A Knife, He’ll Shoot Me. 'That's How It Works'  Matt Vespa | Oct 25, 2015

The violence engulfing Israel and Palestine isn’t subsiding, and there are fears of a third intifada brewing.  Recently, an Israeli family was injured in a firebombing attack.  Last Wednesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper had Maen Rashid Areikat of the Palestinian Liberation Organization on his show to discuss remarks from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said it was a Palestinian who gave Hitler the idea of exterminating the Jewish people. Of course, the statements drew condemnation for adding fuel to the fire of an already tense situation, but what about the Palestinians?
Areikat accused the Israeli police of being judge and executioner concerning how they were defending innocent Israelis from Palestinian knife attacks. Yet, Tapper added that if you charge a police officer with a knife in this country, and in most I would assume, they would shoot you on the spot. Newsbusters  provided the transcript of the exchange, while the Free Beacon clipped the video

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