Thursday, January 7, 2016

Could it be becauuse he's...HMMM................................BLACK ?

Black Serial Killer: Why the Media Indifference?
Larry Elder | Jan 07, 2016       
Why the near media-silence over the absurdly long-delayed trial of alleged serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr.? Franklin would seem to represent ideal grist for the voracious 24/7 national media.

There is, of course, murder. He is charged with killing 10 and suspected of killing more. The crimes took place in a big, media-centric city, Los Angeles, as opposed to some obscure small town or rural community in a fly-over state ignored by national media.
There is an unsolved mystery that took place over a long time. Franklin was a former city trash collector who lived quietly in South Central Los Angeles. Neighbors described him friendly and helpful. He is alleged to have committed these crimes over a period of years, from 1985 through 2007. He was finally arrested in 2010.


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