Thursday, January 7, 2016

Obama's Gun Violence Tears: Authentic Grief or Cynical Theater?

Personally...I say fake....Unless they're tears of frustration because we won't let him have his own way...A little theatrics goes a long way
Guy Benson | Jan 07, 2016

   Yesterday, I discussed President Obama's gun control pep rally -- at which he employed characteristically deceitful and demagogic rhetoric -- on Fox News with my frequent liberal sparring partner Julie Roginsky. Among other topics, we addressed whether Obama's much-discussed emotional display was genuine or a political put-on. On that particular question, we (and Donald Trump, interestingly) were in agreement: It's not hard to see why a father of two would get choked up when talking about the massacre of innocent first graders, particularly while surrounded by heartsick families of murder victims.
    Why he doesn't seem to summon similar anger and heartache when addressing, say, Americans beheaded by ISIS, or murdered in cold blood by Islamist terrorists in California, is a separate issue. That doesn't alter my belief that his emotion was real this week. But is that question relevant? Not especially, I'd argue, for reasons we'll address 


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