Sunday, January 3, 2016

MSNBC Guest Complains That Criminals Are Discriminated Against
Daryl Atkinson MSNBC
MSNBC has found a new victim class to champion during a segment on Melissa Harris- Perry’s show.
   Daryl Atkinson, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice senior staff attorney was on to present to the world that people with criminal backgrounds are being discriminated against. During a segment that talked about President Barack Obama’s movement to ban a box on applications that ask whether the applicant has committed a crime other than a traffic violation, Atkinson made this statement,
     “The president’s action on Monday really affirms values that we hold dear in this country. Values like inclusion and equal opportunity for all people because people with records face legal discrimination in many areas of life. The 65 million Americans, one in three adult Americans, that have a criminal record history, face barriers in employment, housing, education; even volunteering in their children’s school.”
   Why should a bank be made aware of a person who committed grand theft auto last year when making a hiring decision that involves the handling of large amounts of money? Why should a school be made aware of a candidate’s background that includes convictions of drug distribution? Why should a hospital be made aware of a candidate’s criminal records that include sexual assault before making a hiring decision where they will be in a position of caretaker of those who are sometimes in helpless situations?

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