Sunday, January 3, 2016

"Hate me because I'm BLACK"....YES, because you act like some of your "lowlife brothers on welfare". Taking advantage of all the "perks", including extravagent vacations (that we pay for) always including your "mother-in-law", golf, your muslim cohorts on the payroll in the Whitehouse and every other freebee you can get or take from the U.S. citizens

Obama Continues Attacks On Trump… But What He Just Said About White Men Is INFURIATING 

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have been embarrassingly low, probably because of his many failed policies during his tenure in the White House. But, of course, he won’t take responsibility for it and always finds someone or something else to point the finger at.
Most recently, during an interview where he attacked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Obama pointed his finger at one group, in particular — working class white people
In a Dec. 21 National Public Radio interview, Obama accused Trump of playing off the fears of white, working-class men to get a jump in the polls, according to The New York Times.

“President Obama said in a radio interview airing on Monday that Donald J. Trump, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, is exploiting the resentment and anxieties of working-class men to boost his campaign,” The Times reported.

“Mr. Obama also argued that some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.”
In in the interview, Obama explained that “(d)emographic changes and economic stresses, including ‘flatlining’ wages and incomes, have meant that ‘particularly blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck.'”

“You combine those things, and it means that there is going to be potential anger, frustration, fear — some of it justified, but just misdirected,” the president said. “I think somebody like Mr. Trump is taking advantage of that. That’s what he’s exploiting during the course of his campaign.”
Although the president didn’t come right out and say “white men hate me because I’m black,” it can be easily inferred by looking at his statement about the working class, combined with his comment about being the first black president.
Furthermore, it’s quite interesting that Obama himself admits in this interview that the economy is under stress during the “new economy” (aka: his administration’s economic failure). So, basically, the president is admitting that he is responsible for ruining the economy for the working class, but instead of taking responsibility for that, he just calls those who are upset at him “racist.”
We couldn’t possibly disagree with him based solely on his policies, apparently.

These are the very statements that perpetuate the racial animosity we experience in this country. It’s not “white people” who keep mentioning your skin color, Mr. President … it’s you.

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