Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Actor James Woods OBLITERATES Hillary With 1 Powerful Question

One of the conservatives in Hollywood brave enough to subject himself to the slings and arrows of the progressive elite is James Woods. The Hollywood star not only does rhetorical battling with progressives on social media, but he does it with a disarming wit and common sense. His jibes are fun to witness.
     One comment Woods made recently had to do with the troubles Hillary Clinton has had with Wikileaks. Although Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims that his email document dumps are not an effort to derail Hillary Clinton, their effects are doing just that. To wit, Mr. Woods asked via his Twitter feed, “What’s the Vegas line on Julian Assange actually staying alive until the election?”
     Given the history of close Clinton associates, business partners, and friends ending up dead in the past, it is a valid question. Assange is neither friend, business partner, nor associate to the Clintons. His life, to them, wouldn’t be worth much.
In recent Wikileaks document dumps, it has been proven that Hillary Clinton was the chief architect of the US Libyan foreign policy. This policy, from the toppling of a cooperative Qadhafi to the facilitation of the rise of the Islamic State to Benghazi, has been an abstract disaster.
     The Wikileaks emails were also integral to exposing corruption in the DNC. Emails dumped before the DNC Convention proved an actionable bias against the Sanders campaign—they caused the resignations of four top DNC officials including chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
     Assange himself has alluded to what is still to come. In an interview with ITV last month, Assange said information that WikiLeaks had “accumulated” on Clinton could “proceed to an indictment.”
The emails related to Clinton’s Libyan involvement have produced a plethora of supposition as to the depth of her clandestine actions on the matter. Chief among those suppositions is the notion that she was involved in an unauthorized weapons-running scheme that delivered weapons unsanctioned by Congress to Islamofascist rebels operating in Libya and Syria.
     One of the main points in this claim is that Amb. Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 specifically because of the illegal arms transfers. Stevens and his security team were slaughtered that night by Islamic State-aligned rebels. As they and their defenders from the nearby CIA Annex repeatedly called for reinforcements, it is said Clinton was sleeping.
     Should Assange’s next email dump prove this claim out, the issue could become bigger than the Iran-Contra Affair. This scandal—given the Islamic State’s meteoric expansion around the globe—would destroy Clinton’s claim to foreign policy and national security expertise and significantly damage her campaign.

So, yes, James Woods has a very valid question. What are the odds in Las Vegas of Julian Assange living until the November election? The proposition, at least for Assange, should result in some sleepless nights.

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