Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BREAKING – Obama Administration Considers Election Takeover, Video Is SHOCKING

During this election process, we have seen voter fraud stories pop up all over the country. In fact, multiple states have proven to be hacked, so yes, there is a concern.

All the while, our government has said voter fraud is non-existent in this country, until now. As you are about to see, the Director of Homeland Security is considering declaring our election system as “critical infrastructure.”
Translation… the federal government wants to extend its arm over state control of the election process.
Jeh Johnson stated, “We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid.”
This is a very scary thought patriots.
For years, our federal government has said there is absolutely nothing wrong at all, now it is sending the Department of Homeland Security in to the election process.
Conveniently, this declaration is made as Trump gains ground on Hillary and her easy win is in serious doubt.

Is that coincidence or is this a concentrated effort by the Obama administration to insert itself into the presidential election to ensure Hillary wins?

And they wonder where all these conspiracy theories come from?!
So, why do we need to be worried about this?

Because it will give Obama and his thugs jurisdictional control over local election systems and to dictate policy anywhere they see fit.

More concerning is this is flat out unconstitutional! Elections are clearly the responsibility of state and local government, NOT the federal government.

Yes, we need our elections to be more secure to ensure the integrity of the process, but that burden falls on local and state government, NOT the federal government.
This is nothing more than a guise by Barack H. Obama to extend the reach of the federal government and control the results of the upcoming election.

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