Hillary Clinton told the FBI she turned over all of her work related emails.
When 15,000 documents resurfaced as part of a lawsuit against the State Department, many now believe Clinton lied.
And her lie may very well carry a criminal penalty.
When Hillary submitted her work emails to the FBI as part of their investigation into her private email server, she said she had turned everything over under penalty of perjury.
Because of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against the State Department, Americans have learned there are nearly 15,000 emails that Clinton tried to keep secret.
When her lawyers sifted through her emails to generate the original 30,000 – what they claimed – were work related emails, they only used keyword and subject line searches.
They did not examine the contents of each email.
And what we have discovered from these new emails is that one reason Hillary used a private server may have been to conceal the pay-for-play corruption she engaged in while serving as Secretary of State.
New revelations show that nearly half of the people who were able to schedule a meeting with her during her time at the State Department were Clinton Foundation donors.
The scheme appears to be simple: make a donation to the Clinton Foundation and win a meeting with the Secretary of State where you can ask for favors in return.
The Washington Examiner reports:
“What’s more, the latest developments have begun to merge parallel controversies that unfolded individually over the course of Clinton’s campaign.
“There is absolutely no connection between anything that I did as secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation,” the Democratic nominee said in late July.
But emails made public in the weeks since have painted a different picture.
Records show Clinton’s aides labored to find a State Department job for an unnamed individual at the behest of a Clinton Foundation employee. Clinton’s top aides were instructed to provide a Lebanese-born foundation donor with immediate access to the senior State Department official on policy in Lebanon.
The prince of Bahrain sought an audience with Clinton through charity staff after his attempts to secure a meeting through “normal channels” were rebuffed.
Another Clinton donor told Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s closest staffers, “it goes without saying” that her outreach on behalf of a client was based on “relationships to the Clinton’s.”
Records obtained through a separate FOIA lawsuit filed by Citizens United detail further the connections between the foundation and Clinton’s State Department.
A set of call logs kept by Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief of staff, showed the frequency with which Clinton Foundation staff contacted Mills at the State Department.”
Everyone thought the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play and the private email server were two different scandals.
This new information reveals they may be tied together.
And Hillary may have just committed perjury when she failed to turn over all of her emails to the FBI.