Monday, August 29, 2016

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Good grief! ............The FDA has just launched new rules that could deliver a death blow to the boutique cigar industry. Which is indicative of its whole approach to small businesses.
    I'm not really a smoker, but I enjoy the occasional cigar. (Like President Clinton (the last one!) "I don't inhale.") And my old man loves to savor one out on the porch where he can't offend anyone.
    So what the Sam Hill does it have to do with the government whether I enjoy a new blend of hand-rolled cigar produced by a local manufacturer?
     Hasn't the government heard? The world's a-changing. There's a thriving Maker Movement growing across America and the world.
It's replacing old big industry with lots of small operators.
    These individuals produce artisanal products as varied as craft beer, fresh cheese, organic crops and meat, 3D-Printed items. Then there's the new peer-to-peer services like Uber and airbnb that are changing the way we connect with the world.
    While traditional businesses have been driven overseas, and big corporations are relocating profits in offshore financial centers - these people are raising tax revenue to compensate, finding jobs for young people and making our lives richer.
    We should be encouraging - not hindering - these innovative start-ups. But as we all know, the heavy hand of government LOVES to make decisions for us instead of letting us just get on with it ourselves. Especially when they can dress it up as "we know best."

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