Police have retrieved at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from Chris Brown’s home, after Chris threw a duffel bag out the window of his home … TMZ has learned.
TMZ broke the story … cops raced to Chris’ home early Tuesday morning after a woman called 911 and claimed he pulled a gun on her.
Police have been at the house since 3 AM and are in the process of getting a search warrant. Chris has not left the house, but multiple sources tell us he was defiant as he threw the duffel bag out the window, taunting cops and saying, “Come and get me.”
Chris posted a video in which he refers to Black Lives Matter, saying “f*** the police.”
Two sources on scene tells us in addition to weapons there were drugs in the duffel bag.
Brown is apparently attempting to put on a tough guy act via his social media accounts, but the reality of the matter is that he’s little more than trash with a penchant for beating women and frail men.
Odds are that despite all his social media bluster, Brown will surrender without incident.
Whether his attorneys will be able to keep him out of a lengthy prison sentence is another matter entirely.
Update: As expected, Brown is all mouth.
Singer Chris Brown came out of his Los Angeles home peacefully Tuesday after an hourslong standoff with police who responded to a woman’s call for help.
Police Lt. Chris Ramirez said several people were escorted from the residence after a search warrant was served.
No arrests had been made and everyone has been cooperative, he said.