Ever since his election, the elites have conspired against Trump.
They are terrified his “America First” agenda is a threat to their world order.
Now one of the ring leaders of the global order revealed a big secret about Trump.
Recently, Trump has made a series of announcements that thrilled his supporters and drove a dagger through the heart of Obama’s globalist legacy.
He decertified the Iran deal and demanded Congress impose tough new measures to ensure Iran does not acquire a nuclear bomb.
Trump also withdrew the United State from UNESCO, a United Nations program designed to promote scientific and cultural collaboration.
The administration accused the agency of anti-Israel bias because they admitted Palestine as a member in 2011.
Trump also is turning the screws on Canada and Mexico in an effort to renegotiate NAFTA to put American workers first.
Elites in D.C. are worried the measures Trump is demanding – tough “made in America” requirements for automakers, steel tracking, and a sunset provision where the deal would expire every five years unless the United States, Canada, and Mexico agree to extend it – are poison pills that would cause the negotiations to collapse and give Trump an opening to withdraw America from the agreement.
Richard Haas – the President of the Council on Foreign Relations – railed against these announcements, as well as Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Global Warming Accords, the TPP, and ending Obama’s illegal amnesty program.

Richard N. Haass
Trump foreign policy has found its theme: The Withdrawal Doctrine. US has left/threatening to leave TPP, Paris accord, Unesco, NAFTA, JCPOA

Richard N. Haass
a follow-up thought: @realDonaldTrump foreign policy not only has a theme-The Withdrawal Doctrine-but also a slogan: "Leaving from Behind"
But if Trump is upsetting the globalists who are desperately trying to cling to power in the  liberal world order they established after World War 2, then he is thrilling his supporters who elected him as a one-man battering ram to smash the status quo. 
Trump wasn’t elected to be the President of the globalist world order. 
His voters sent him to the White House to put America first. 
And by rejecting the fake news about global warming, the international trade deals that gutted American industry, and the agreement that placed Iran on a glide path to a nuclear weapon,  Trump is doing just that.